Quartermaster Continuity Info

Last Updated August 14, 2023 – Added the calendar to the right as reminders for items that are due. Please note: The onus is still on each individual to complete items on time and this calendar may not be used as an excuse.
Information to help Post Quartermasters do their jobs. Consider this a living document so check back regularly. If you have ideas, email State Quartermaster Jeff Carroll about what you would like to see.
Annual Checklist: 2023-2024 Edition – Use this checklist to help you stay on track throughout the year.

Upcoming QM Tasks


All State Requirement Minimum is a donation to VMS, the VFW National Home for Children, and the Commander’s Special Project. Here’s how you can make those. 

VMS (Veterans & Military Support) Donation: Make your donation here!  

  • Make sure you check that you are making the donation on behalf of your Post or District, whichever you want to get the credit.
  • There is a $100 minimum for All American qualification.
  • Check the Commander’s Book to see what your requirement is for All State qualification.
  • Fun fact: Anyone (VFW, Auxiliary, or other) is welcome to make donations to VFW Veterans & Military Support.
National Home Donation vfwnationalhome.org/donate/
  • Make sure you check the This gift is from an organization box on the lower portion of the screen and enter your Post # (or District if for the District)
  • Make sure to note Georgia House in the comment.
  • Check the Commander’s Book to see what your requirement is for All State qualification.
  • Another fun fact: Anyone is welcome to make donations to the Georgia House at the National Home.
Commander’s Special Project Donation. Commander Schreiber’s project is Genesis Joy House. Please send a check to the Department (see below) with “Commander’s Project” in the memo. You can also call in a credit card to make the donation.
  • Even more fun facts: Anyone is welcome to make donations to the Commander’s Project.
  • Send your check to Georgia VFW, PO Box 3025, Macon GA 31205

Incorporation Renewal

To accomplish your annual Corporation Renewal, click on ecorp.sos.ga.gov and follow the instructions.


Please read the updated Bonding Notes.
Your Bond must be a Surety bond. 
Surety bonds are a type of bond that involve a promise to pay a party (known as the obligee) a set amount in the event that a second party (known as the principal) fails to meet a specific obligation, such as the fulfilling of the terms of a contract. Surety bonds serve to protect the obliged party against losses that result from the failure of the principal to meet their obligation. The party that assumes the risk in the case of surety bonds is known as the surety.
Fidelity bonds are a related concept and are also known as employee dishonesty coverage and serve to cover theft of an employer’s property by the company’s own employees. Though fidelity bonds are known as bonds, the coverage they supply functions more accurately as a traditional insurance policy rather than a surety bond.
Fidelity bonds are insurance protections that cover policy holders for losses which they incur as the result of the fraudulent acts performed by specified individuals. Fidelity bonds are insurance policies that protect against the losses of company monies, securities, or other property from employees who have manifested intent to cause losses to the company. Fidelity bonds can be taken out to protect company assets from a variety of crime insurance policies, such as burglary, fire, general theft, computer theft, disappearance, fraud, forgery, or a broad variety of other charges. 


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