How to Run a Post Meeting

The Ritual explains how to run a meeting. This is offered as a quick guide to assist.
(One gavel rap to get everyone’s attention.) “The officers will take their respective stations. All persons not members of the VFW will kindly retire and the guard will close the door.” (The Commander ascertains that any uninvited guests and non-members have retired.)  
By the power and authority vested in me, I am about to open <post name> Post <post number> for the transaction of any business that may lawfully come before it. (Two gavel raps)
“Officer of the Day, satisfy yourself that all are entitled to remain.”
Officer of the Day:    Checks membership cards. Members may be seated as they are confirmed.
Commander:     “Officer of the Day, you will prepare the room for the salute to the colors.” (Two gavel raps) 
Officer of the Day:    Call the room to Attention. “Present Arms. Order Arms

“Comrade Chaplain, you will deliver the opening prayer.

Uncover. Parade Rest.” 

Chaplain:     Gives Opening Prayer. 

“Attention! Comrades, you will join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States. Present Arms!

All recite the Pledge.

Order Arms!
“Comrades, we are assembled again to transact business of mutual benefit. Do not let petty jealousies or trivial personalities influence our deliberations. Let us uphold always the obligations of UNSELFISH comradeship and loyalty to our organization and to the government of the United States of America.
I now declare Post <post number> duly opened for the transaction business. Guard, you will admit any in waiting who may be worthy.”
Order of Post Business
    1. Opening Ceremonies (see above). 
    2. Commander leads all members in recitation of Section 230102 of the Congressional Charter. 
    3. Roll Call of Officers (call position and name) 
    4. Reading and referring of membership applications. 
    5. Report of the Investigating Committee. 
    6. Balloting of applicants. 
    7. Mustering in of Recruits (vote) 
    8. Reading of Minutes of the previous meeting 
    9. Quartermaster’s Report. Disbursements, receipts, bills. 
    10. Service Officer’s Report 
    11. “Is there a comrade or the family of a comrade in distress?” Chaplain reports. 
    12. Report of all committees 
    13. Remember our National Home. 
    14. Unfinished Business 
    15. New Business 
    16. Nominations, elections and installation of officers (if necessary) 
    17. Good of the Order 
    18. Closing Ceremonies
Closing Ceremonies

“There being no further business, we will have our closing ceremonies.

Comrade Chaplain, you will deliver the closing prayer.” 

Chaplain:     Gives Closing Prayer. 
“Join me in a final salute to the colors.”
Call the room to Attention. “Present Arms. Order Arms
“Comrades, I now declare this business session of <post name> Post <post number> closed. Our next regular meeting will be <Date of next meeting>